Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Finale

This is my last post of this blog. I have completed the year as promised. This entry contains only a couple of hearts, though the hearts I have been seeing through my days have been strong and steady.

I am ready to keep them for my private joy, but hope something you have seen here has resonated with you. Maybe you are seeing hearts as well?

I hope with all my heart the hearts come to you, and you know that you are loved. Look for them.

It has been a sweeter journey for me with my hearts. They have been there, even if no one else has been there, to remind me that I am loved. The world is much more than we know, and to be open to miracles is a sure way to experience them in your life.

Be grateful for every little bit of beauty in your life, and look for joy; even a tiny nugget can build, little by little,

into a joy-filled life.

This is my hope for you, and for me. Blessings.   

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